The goal of the Automatic Voters Registration (AVR) is to ensure that every eligible voter can vote.

It would add up to 50 million eligible voters to the rolls, save money, and increase accuracy –while protecting the integrity of elections.

It’s time to modernize voter registration, bring our system in to the 21 century, and ensure all eligible voters have a say in our democracy.

AVR will make two transformative, yet simple, changes to voter registration: Eligible citizens who interact with government agencies are registered to vote unless they decline, and agencies transfer voter registration information electronically to election officials. These two changes create a seamless process that is more convenient and less error prone.

The NAACP supports the components of AVR: digitized voter registration, shift from an “opt in “to an “opt out “, it makes sure that once citizen is registered to vote they remain registered to vote when they move within their state; it allows citizens to register to vote on line, and gives the citizen the opportunity to register or update their information at the polls.


In 2017 eight states, and the District of Columbia had already approved automatic voter registration (AVR), 32 states since 2017 have introduced automatic registration in their state assemblies. Ohio needs to join these thirty- two state.

The Ohio Conference of Branches of the NAACP supports HJR 1, For the People Act, a comprehensive voting rights and election protection legislation in the 116th Congress.