Ohio State Conference Supports OBLC and ACLU on Demanding Senator Huffman Resign


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Ohio State Conference Supports OBLC and ACLU
on Demanding Senator Huffman Resign

In the midst of our country and the world grieving, mourning and peacefully protesting that Black Lives Matter; after witnessing George Floyd with a knee on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds by police; you would think Senator Dr. Steven Huffman would not be so brazen as to voice his explicit biases about Coronavirus in the African American Community. How could he be so callous, bold and disrespectful to Angela Dawson, Executive Director, of the Ohio Commission of Minority Health, who is an African American Female, by displaying his explicit biased comments when asking the following questions: “I understand that African Americans have a higher incidence of poor conditions and that makes them more susceptible to COVID”. “Well it’s twice as often correct? Could it just be that African Americans- the Colored Population-do not Wash Their Hands as Well as Other Groups? Or Wear Masks? Or Socially Distance Themselves? Could that be the explanation of why they’re a higher incidence?”

Implicit bias is one thing but his explicit hurtful, cruel, stereotyping is beyond the pale. Director Dawson ‘s response was educated, intelligent, factual and that of a true Lady. “That is not the Opinion of Leading Medical Experts in the Country.”

Senator Dr. Steven Huffman is one of the very reasons why African Americans are systematically stereotyped in many hospitals, urgent and private care facilities, where doctors, nurses and medical staff believe African Americans have sub-standard hygiene practices compared to that of White European cultures. SHAME ON YOU Senator Huffman! Also, 40% of the American population Local, State and National (Who Sit in Silence) are not saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Systemic Discrimination and Racism Will No Longer be Tolerated! The eyes of all Ohioans are watching and demanding an end to Hate Speech, Stereotyping, Implicit, Explicit biases and POLICE BRUTALITY against African Americans and people of color. Senator Dr. Steven Huffman’s comments yet prove that we need to have the uncomfortable conversation about White Privilege, Implicit and Explicit Biases of Everyone. The voters, in the great state of Ohio, will remember your silence.

Let us be Emphatically Clear, the NAACP Conference of All Ohio Branches, Stands Firmly with the Ohio Black Legislative Caucus (O.B.L.C.) and the American Civil Liberties Union (A.C.L.U.) in Demanding Senator Dr. Steven Huffman Resign FORTHWITH!

Stop the Global Pandemic of Racism,

The Struggle Continues,

Tom Roberts
On Behalf of the Ohio NAACP State Conference of Branches


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