Ohio Primary Elections Update

First of all, please note that you can vote by Absentee Ballot. Please read this webpage by visiting here:

As you are aware The Ohio Primary Election which was to be held on March 17th was cancelled because of the CoronaVirus. The Ohio Legislature passed legislation last week setting the Ohio Primary Election on April 28, 2020. Our Congresswoman Marcia Fudge led the fight to urge the Secretary of State and Lawmakers to have in person safe voting by establishing drive in zones to cast ballots, and if we had to vote by mail the State of Ohio should cover the cost of mailing the request for absentee ballots as well as the cost to mail the actual ballot back to the Board of Elections. The Cleveland Clergy Coalition joined the Congresswoman request to the Secretary of State and Lawmakers.

Unfortunately, The Ohio Legislature failed to follow Congresswoman Fudges’ Leadership. Ohio Primary Election will only be through absentee (mail in) ballots. The State of Ohio is only covering the cost for the voter to mail the ballot back to the Board of Elections.

The process is the voter must make a request for an absentee ballot to the local Board of Elections. The voter then must complete the request application and return to the Board of Election via mail or drop it off to the Board in person. Once the Board of Elections receives the request it then mails the actual ballot to the voter with a stamped return envelope to be mailed back to the Board of Election.

After receiving or download&printing the application form, please fill it with correct information (see the picture below to confirm what information need to be filled in the form).

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