Election Results

From: Deb Shamlin, President, Stark County NAACP
Subject: FW: Election Results &  FW: NAACP VAN Webinar is coming Thursday! Register your unit today!


The election of officers for the NAACP Ohio Conference was held on Saturday, September 14, 2019 in Toledo, Ohio.

An official tellers report as outlined in the 2019 Manual for State/State Area Conference Election procedures on page 18 was not given. The report given by Ms. Audrey Lamyssaire, Field Operations from the National NAACP office and posted on the door of the tabulation room (picture attached) is as follows:

President- Tom Roberts
First Vice President- undecided*
Second Vice President- Derrick Forward
Third Vice President- Denise Williams
Treasurer- Andre Washington
Asst. Treasurer- Williann Moore
Secretary- Deborah Shamlin

*there are 12 challenge ballots which will be decided by National. No timeframe was given for resolution.

The term for the officers shall begin on the date of election and shall end on the date that their successors are elected and qualify. Bylaws for Units,Article VI, paragraph 3, section a.

Thank you to the Election Supervisory Committee, tellers, watchers, observers and Ms Lamyssaire for conducting the election.

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