FW: Link to the action alert and press release for defending right to vote

From: Tom Roberts
Sent: Monday, August 19
Subject: FW: Link to the action alert and press release for defending right to vote

Voting Rights Advocates Urge Ohio Secretary of State
to Immediately Stop Voter Purges

August 15, 2019

COLUMBUS– Ohio voting rights organizations urged Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose to immediately stop plans to purge more than 235,000 voters’ registration on September 6.

LaRose’s recent announcement that nearly 1,300 voters were wrongly placed on the purge list, highlights deep flaws in Ohio’s registration system. Voter advocates have identified more than 4,000 additional voters on the purge list (“confirmation status”) who are still considered “active” voters by the Secretary of State’s own registration database, as well as other discrepancies. Advocates stressed that any errors in the registration process threaten the integrity of Ohio’s democracy.
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Will you join us in defending your right to vote?

All Voting is Local Ohio aims to remove needless and discriminatory barriers to the ballot.
But Ohio’s purge system is so flawed that eligible voters may be wrongly removed from the voting lists.
We can’t allow a system that strips voters of their rights. Tell Ohio officials to stop the voter purge on Sept. 6.
Are you with us in the fight for a fair democracy where every voice is heard?

Visit here https://lcchr.cp.bsd.net/co/avl-ohpurge to sign!

LWV’s Voting 1-2-3 Card with NAACP Logo

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