NAACP 2018 Ohio State Conference

From: Sabrina Woodson, Secretary, Ohio Conference of the Units of NAACP
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2018
To: EC Members, Ohio Conference of the Units of
Subject: NAACP 2018 Ohio State Conference

State President Tom Roberts is looking forward to seeing each unit represented at the State Conference in Canton, Ohio on Friday & Saturday, September 7 & 8, 2018 .

Come with new ideas and suggestions. Please see the packet of the Conference information for more information.

Why Canton ?

It is the birthplace of professional American football. The Canton Bulldogs were the first professional football team. Other attractions include the Pro Football Hall of Fame, William McKinley Presidential Library & Museum, Canton Classic Car Museum, the Museum of Aviation (MAPS) and the National First Ladies Library are just a few attractions to put on your to do list while in Canton.

July 29, 2018

The state convention is almost here!

Our new state conference president Tom Roberts spent time this spring visiting units around the state and listening to unit presidents. This convention, held September 7 and 8 at the Holiday Inn, North Canton, addresses some of the concerns, ideas and requests he heard in those meetings. Branches who are not in compliance, for whatever reason- have not paid assessments or have fallen below the membership minimum, are encouraged to attend.

The format of the convention has been updated and expanded to meet the needs of the branches of the Ohio State Conference, and is open to officers and most importantly, the membership, in addition to delegates. Friday and Saturday are filled with outstanding speakers, workshops and general sessions addressing the game changer initiatives of the NAACP. Come and learn something new, share ideas, network and meet new people. This is not your old convention!

At a Glanceā€¦

Convention Business The opening session of the convention is noon Friday, lunch follows immediately. During the opening session, which is open to all, we will elect the Time and Place Committee, a Resolutions Committee, and the Credentials Committee. For more information on these committees please refer to page 56 in the by- laws.

The business meeting for the convention, which delegates attend, will be Friday, September 7 at 7:30 pm.

Registration Please register early, especially if you want to stay at the Holiday Inn, where the convention is being held. Registration this year is in advance. You can register on line through Eventbrite which is easy to do and give you a receipt to turn in for reimbursement; you can pay via check which must be received by August 22 and will be confirmed to the branch email upon receipt; credit card payments can be made as well by calling the treasurer, Andre Washington at 614-800-9629. All reservations must be received by August 23. There is very limited onsite registration.

Included in this packet are registration materials, delegate certification form, and a glimpse of the convention agenda.

We look forward to greeting you at the convention!

The Convention Coordinating Committee

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